The series called “Dish” consist in the representation of a recipe, personally cooked and then transformed into three small paintings .

The first of each trilogy is a photo of the dish: a realistic sketch, testimony of the materiality and genuineness of the sustenance effectively formed. Concrete and palpable, it ties both of the environments in which the artist navigates: the kitchen and art.

The image represented has an instrumental purpose, more than an aesthetic and decorative one. Indeed its goal is to immortalize what has just been cooked, before it is consumed or deteriorates over time. It is printed on canvas, a choice which anticipates the wish to transform the culinary activity into an artistic one.The second painting is a pictorial depiction of the photographic snapshot, carried out with watercolours and kitchen utensils, like forks, knives, spoons, ladles, orange squeezers, graters. In other words Sibe cuisine intrudes the confines of her own art, creating a filrouge of shapes and colours.Indeed, the same instruments are used by the artist to manipulate the food, plate the dishes, then mix and apply the paints.

The third piece of work is created through the transcription of some words, reminiscence of the ingredients and procedures which were used for the completion of the dish. Instinct forms the basis of this realization:

often, the recipe is not communicated realistically in a schematic and clear way, rather as a form of stream of consciousness. It is like a projection of the artist’s mind, who founds her creations on natural impulse, either as food to be looked at and then tasted, or paintings to be observed and then interpreted.

Sibe offers her works in installments, combining three different dishes in the creation of menus, under the name of, “stew”, which like the dish itself, offers the possibility to break the composition into pieces, in order to create a new one, according to the taste of the spectator, so in this way he or her too becomes part of the composition, giving voice to his/her own artistic and culinary tastes.